Saxon Polich,    Founder and Artist

Saxon Polich,  Founder and Artist

Saxon Polich was born and raised near Great Falls, MT where he farms and makes steel artwork with a focus on structural, modern geometry at Butte View Ranch. As a fourth generation farmer, he has an obsession with manipulating landscapes to create private sanctuaries where one can experience a sense of solitary nature even within the confines of a city. He has always been drawn to working with his hands and carries a strong connection to earth and the land which has always been his life blood.

Craftsmanship, efficiency, and construction are the core concepts of his design philosophy. He’s been welding since standing on his feet and the physicality of metal has always appealed to his imagination because of its rigid, yet flexible, and versatile material qualities. His family and friends refer to him as the “Metal Magician” for his unrivaled ability at transforming metal into clean, sophisticated forms designed equally for function and as stunning art pieces. He describes his work as " Organic metallurgy. " 

His most recent project involves building the lookout tower of dreams for his three kids.